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We'll be the enterprise to provide the innovative service through
HUMAN POWER, PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY for the world markets.

Since established in 1988, we've attained superlorlty of the trade in the fields of window, electroforming, forging, and have production lines in Bucheon, Sintanjin, Daejeon & China(Tsingtao, Pyungdo, Tianjin) In addition, based on mutual close relations width each production line, we're cibcebtrating our efforts on new products development through production management & F&D research and finding a new overseas market through new establishment of overseas operation division. We have the reputation for SRI-TECH's efforts to provide the top quality including a new product development, quality guarantee system & technology for the continual satisfactions of customers. It's the reason why every enterprise in the world wants PARTERNER-SHIP.

The meaning of SR symbol mark

With the meaning of SUN RISE
it expresses the will to make a new, energetic and hopeful future like the sun to rise in the morning.