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Since the first step of the foundation in 1988 with the slogan of 'The sun to be born newly in the every morning', SRI-TECH has been innovating technology through the continual new technology & new product developments as an enterprise to represent the trade despite of the huge waves of the history.

SR is growing rapidly through business portfolio to create the multiple profits from the sheath parts of cell phone to precision model train and furniture for office with the main business places in the domestic & china.

We're making efforts for the active R&D investments & quality innovation exceeding the present results in order to have the global competitive power.

SR observes three mottos of 'Faith' 'Sense of responsibility' 'Self Perfection'. Walking in step with the age of information & digital, we’ll be born again through the continual efforts to be an enterprise true to the basics, cultivating the global talent and full of vitality through harmony & participation.

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