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Since the establishment in 1988, SRI TECh has challenged continually New Technology & development of new products. Under 3 mottos of Divisionalization, Substantiality of management & Advance to new business, we’re making efforts for the Top Rank in the world. In addition, we plan to perform the environment improvement activities like followings in order to keep the optimum environmental conditions on the front burner of environmental preservation.

Operation of environmental management system

Perform the environmental management system faithfully established according to the requisites of ISO/KSA 14001 during every business activity & performance of the company.

continual improvements of environment

Pursue continual improvements of environment and practice measures to pollution

Prediction of environmental pollution & Prevention

Predict the influence of environment resulted from every activity including business plan, purchasing process & service, and promote activities to prevent the environmental pollution.

Open environmental management

The environmental policies above open to the persons concerned domestic & foreign if necessary, and lead contractors & partnership companies to observe procedure related to the environment.

Management of product environment

Establish an organization & management system to perform proper management of the substances used for the parts & raw materials composing customer’s products in order to meet control standards of customer.

Every staff has to participate in the environmental management activities actively through understanding the particulars above & researching, developing and applying nature-friendly technology & methods in order to perform things above. Furthermore, every staff opens all these things to the public actively through grasping the requisites of the persons concerned to the environment in order for everyone to know the environmental management activity.